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Complete Webinar Training on how to set up your sustainable, semantically marked up, automatic video traffic website empire!

The Video Krakken “Automatic Video” WP Plugin! (This automates your whole system and can be used on multiple websites!

(Included In Price!) First Rights to Video Krakken Pro Dominator 2.0 WordPress Plugin when it releases. **This will sell for $400.00 when released!

The Semantic Pro PinBoard WordPress Theme. (*This means all of your website will be properly marked-up with Schema . . . even your sitewide banner!

“Forever Access” to this training! This is another famous Network Empire “Perpetual Mastermind” bootcamp, which means you can always attend updated training events!

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(Optional) 3 Months FREE “Infinitely Scalable PinVid Hosting Package! 

“Forever Industry Updates” on the wildly changing search engine industry. We have made this technology as “evergreen” as possible. But we will keep all “Circle of Trust” members updated to any technical changes discoverd by our team of “military-level” software developers. (Sue Bell, Kelley Reynolds, Kevin Polley, Matt Da Cruz)

Get the absolute best SEO practices from Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell. Google “Jimmy Kelley SEO” to learn how deep the rabbit hole goes!

How to scale for MONSTER size websites and sitemaps of every kind! (You are going to need it!) 

Quarterly “Meme Addiction” Webinar Updates with Neuromarketing Expert Russell Wright!

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Learn every conceivable type of Absolutely-Safe “automatic” and “semi-automatic” backlinking and social-traffic generating method! 

Let the system publish a video, let the social networks drive traffic back to your sites! You love it, Google loves it, everyone is happy. 

(Optional) Join the 1 Billion Video Page Club! Learn how to Think Big. No, for real. 1 Billion pages with tens of thousands of visitors per hour throughout your network is not as far away as it seems!

Learn the inside tricks of how to use Social Explosion to safely automate your backlink campaigns and generate massive traffic through automated domain authority stacking

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*The above image is one client case-study of the time on a client’s money site arriving from an early prototype Network of  10 Health and Wellness PinVid website!

(Results will vary based on effort and market.)

The PinVid Automatic Video Traffic Course at a Glance:

2 Recurring Webinar Training Sessions!

These modules are subject to updates and changes at any time!

*Module One: Hosting and Server
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Two: Recommended Tools
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Three: The PinVid and Pin Board Theme
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Four: The Complete PinVid WordPress Plug-In List
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Five: Creating Persona and Installing WordPress for PinVid
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Six: The Complete Pin Board or PinVid WordPress Theme Configuration
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Seven: Marketing CTA, Cosmetic and Video Plug-Ins
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Eight: Adding Keyword Silos to Video Krakken Version 1.0
(Software and Information Updated Regularly)
*Module Nine: Seo and Traffic Related Plug-In Configuration
(Software and Information Updated Regularly)
*Module 10: Adding Google Analytics and Proper Tracking
(Information Updated Regularly)
*Module 11: (Optional) Mass Social Automation and Meme Addiction
(Software and Information Updated Regularly)
*Bonus Module 1: How to Scale-Up Like the Big Boys
(This module is worth the price of the entire course) 
*Bonus Module 2: Ongoing Modules and Bonuses will be added throughout the next several years, but you only pay once! Once a member, always a member.

*Private Webinars: Ongoing “Perpetual Mastermind Webinars” will be added throughout the next several years, but you only pay once! Once a member, always a member.

Also Included With Your Training:

*Custom PinVid WP Theme:

The Network Empire created semantic PinVid Theme for WordPress, and all upcoming updates, will be included in this course.

*Video Krakken “Pro” WP Plugin (Releasing soon!): 

The current version of the Video Krakken automatic traffic plug-in for WordPress is in high demand. But the professional version of this plug-in will be offered to automatic video traffic members first. Video Krakken Pro WP Plugin will be included in the sign-up package for the first 10 members who sign up for the PinVid automatic video traffic course. The value of video Krakken Pro is over $300.00, which is the price of the plug-in when it launches.

*Perpetual Mastermind Access

The “perpetual mastermind access” concept was created by the Network Empire team. This means that, for upgraded modules, like the PinVid Automatic Video Traffic course, you’ll never again pay a fee for this precertification course. A Network Empire Pre-Certification course is any Training Module that we recommend you take before attending a Live Network Empire certification event.


3 Months of Free Hosting Included:

Hands Free Infinitely Scalable PinVid Hosting

Coming Soon – September 2014!

Dear Network Empire community members,

The much awaited PinVid automatic video traffic course is Launched. Due to popular demand generated by the Network Empire Video Krakken WordPress plug-in, we have decided to release a perpetual mastermind and webinar boot camp training system that reveals Russell Wright’s personal PinVid traffic automation secrets.

The Story behind the PinVid Training Course:

In 2013 Russell noticed a massive amount of traffic driven to his money sites from both video and images located on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Later Twitter and also demonstrated large amounts of Meme-traffic and video-traffic. Not only was huge amounts of traffic coming from videos and meme images, the Meme-Video visitors were staying longer. Time on site with increasing sometimes as much as 1000% compared to other types of traffic. All of this generated because a visitor was arriving in a “YouTube state of mind”.

The first version of this course called PinVid Meme-addiction was never released.


Because, when Russell and Sue started testing the results of the Video Meme automatic-posting, the results were quite simply too good to released to the general public.

There were, of course, other reasons the original PinVid course was not released to the general public. When generating a huge number of video posts with WordPress (or any other platform for that matter) the average beginner will tend to get themselves in trouble with her hosting company. Unless you limit your video posting to one or two posts per day, because PinVid automation sites are hands-free, things can get out of hand pretty fast. Shared hosting accounts are not ideal for generating millions of pages over the course of one year, nor are they ideal for generating a large amount of daily traffic.

So before you begin, make sure you are ready to take your vision to the next level. We do not recommend using the advanced techniques contained within this course under the auspices of a shared hosting account. Again, the exception to this rule, is limiting your posting to one or two videos per day. Otherwise, you should be prepared to consider other managed or dedicated hosting. You also may want to choose a hosting company that is scalable and robust. There is a lot of ground covered in this course, and you need to realize that you will be exposed to quite a few moving parts. It really sucks to have your hosting company shut you down after you have all of these parts seamlessly woven together, traffic coming in from all over the web, tens of thousands of pages and videos indexed on various search engines. In fact nothing sucks worse than that. Trust us, we have been through it. You will also learn in this course how to avoid such catastrophes.

The above results are pulled from the Google analytics account of one of our early PinVid automatic video site experiments. It was pretty funny. Sue Bell and I got together on Skype one evening to build a test PinVid site. When we were done, I forgot about it for a couple of weeks. In fact, the only reason I remembered we had built the site is because of the traffic coming into my money site. I could not figure out where I was coming from. I looked inside the referral section of Google analytics, I was greeted with extremely healthy traffic results from the PinVid site sue and I had built a couple of weeks before!

This is when we knew we were onto something with the PinVid automatic video Meme-addiction technology.


“Tell Russell I appreciate the effort he put into the PinVid training videos – He’s an incredible instructor.”
– Donald Herrera Fairbairn